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International Budo association

IDO - The peaceful way of connecting martial arts
IDO - The eternal movement in all martial arts
IDO - Fully exhausting martial arts


Ido/Judo-Do grades can only be achieved by those martial arts practitioners who internalise the deep spiritual sense of perpetual movement as well as the way to coexistence. The Executive Committee and the Technical Director are responsible for the award. Suggestions for graduation may be submitted by Ido Dan holders or the dojo managers to the Executive Committee or the Technical Director.

Martial arts practitioners, who can prove they have obtained their rank from another association, may obtain from the Executive Committee an acknowledgement certificate, which lists all ranks. Graduation certificates of Idokan Europa e.V. can only be obtained by members who have passed their examination in front of Idokan Europa examiners. Dan ranks from recognised associations are not verified as a rule. In justified cases, verifications are carried out, whereby the Executive Committee and the Technical Director take the decision.


  • Sempai – advanced martial artist with teaching tasks
  • Sensei –  title used to address teachers as from the third Dan rank
  • Shihan –  honorific title for senior instructors as from the fifth Dan rank
  • Renshi –  honorific title for senior instructors as from the fifth Dan rank
  • Kyoshi –  honorific title for senior instructors as from the seventh Dan rank
  • Hanshi –  honorific title for senior instructors as from the ninth Dan rank
  • Soke – recognised founder of a style or successor

Knights of Mount Fuji

The Order of the Knights of Mount Fuji of Idokan Europa e.V. can award the highest distinction for outstanding performance. The Order is limited to seven knights alive. Only Idokan members can be nominated bearer of the title, which is awarded by at least two active knights or, in case of vacancy, by the Executive Committee. The knights form an honorific body that excels in decades of experience and involvement in martial arts. The Executive Committee may seek their advice in all matters.


Budo-Lehrgang am 15./16. Oktober 2022 in Penzberg

Die Verbände MAMD, DMFV und Idokan Europa veranstalteten ein vielseitiges Budo-Seminar mit den Kampfkünsten Modern Arnis, Messertechniken, Jiu-Jitsu, Ido und Karate Jetzt mehr lesen 

Ordentliche Mitgliederversammlung am 21.10.2022 - Info 

Auf der ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung wurde satzungsgemäß der Vorstand neu gewählt: 1. Vorsitzender Josef Holzmann; 2. Vorsitzende Dorothea Bex; Kassier Horst Brenner. Herzlichen Glückwunsch !

Jubiläumslehrgang des Verbands asiatischer Kampfkünste (VaK) am 23./24. Juli 2022 in Penzberg

Der VaK lud zu einem großen Lehrgang anlässlich seines 25-jährigen Bestehens ein - mit vielen Teilnehmern auch von Idokan Europa e. V. (im Bild/Bericht anbei die Teilnehmer des Dojo Penzberg)  Jetzt mehr lesen 

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